Lexis Project

Lexis Project : University of Manchester ‘The lexis of cloth and clothing in Britain c. 700-1450 : origins, identification, contexts and change’

It is hosted by The University of Manchester, under the direction of Professor Gale R. Owen-Crocker, Professor of Anglo-Saxon Culture in the English and American Studies Subject Area within the School of Arts, Histories and Cultures, in conjunction with Dr Cordelia Warr, Lecturer in the History of Art in the Art History and Visual Studies Subject Area of the same School, and Dr Louise Sylvester, Reader in English Language at the University of Westminster, London.

Dr Warr rejoined the Project in January 2008 after a sabbatical leave period, during which she was replaced byFrances Pritchard, Whitworth Art Gallery, University of Manchester.

For more information / pour plus d’informations : http://lexisproject.arts.manchester.ac.uk/

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