Materiality in the digital age

Materiality in the digital age

This work compares the development of materials (hybridization) to the digital evolution (hybridization of reality with digital elements) with the aim of reinventing another connection to materiality. It challenges us to consider the results of going beyond structural logic in a rational approach to matter. This contemporary outlook on materiality refers to intangible phenomena which we should regard not as the disappearance of matter as such, but rather as working with a different kind of matter. Materiality is in the grip of invisible matter (digital), and social relationships are developed today under the influence of the numerous ways in which digital information can be produced via networks.
Preliminary translation of an extract from the original book, reviewed by Keith Parker. Original title: « La matérialité à l’ère digitale », by Christine Browaeys (PUG), 2019.
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